My first book is available!

OWL TBNL cover 10.10.2015

I took my short story, Those Before (available on this site) and extended it into a book called “Those Before Never Leave”.  Not only that, it will be a series!  I am currently working on the second book.  Do read the short story here, and if you want to know what happens next, you can pick up Those Before Never Leave at Amazon!

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Conchita Cabana..

Here’s a fun story with a lot of links to my childhood, though none of it is specifically true… but I did have an active imagination, even then!  Enjoy “Of Secret Agents and Dancing Bananas

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Too much city!

I wrote a poem a few years ago  inspired by a commute through the urban jungle of high-rise office buildings, bridges, and overpasses.  It felt like I was driving through Concrete Canyons.  The other day as I headed south on a different route that I don’t normally drive I was struck by how tall the concrete barriers were along that highway and they again made me think of Concrete Canyons and I decided I should share this poem….

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Woo Hoo! I guess I’m a writer!!!

This is my creative writing blog which can end up with all sorts of poems or stories in a variety of writing styles.  I do try to relate to the characters or situation so that I can better describe them.  Recently I posted about caregiving – something I am very familiar with, but haven’t posted a lot about.  A friend read what I posted and grew concerned about the subject matter and I had to reassure her that all was well in Linda Land – I hadn’t done any creative writing in a while and just happened to pick an emotional subject to write about. The more I thought of that the more I realized that my writing must be capable of portraying emotions (and that I have some really great friends!!!  Thanks B!)

I thought back to the different subjects that I have written about on this blog and thought I would share a bit about their inspirations.  I wrote as the Medicine Man in A’â’tam (the People) and am very proud of that story.  I researched it by reading the journal of an explorer named deVaca and created a history based on what I found there – I’ve included a link at the end of the story so you can read his journal yourself.

Little Bug includes some scenery that I witnessed after a wildfire and the character of Little Bug is loosely based on a dear friend.  Significance and Stolen Tomorrows both deal with caregiving.  Once you have gone through that experience it changes you, but I found the changes to be ones that have broadened my perspective and made me grow (and exhausted me, and made me realize how much we need each other in this life.)

Tears are a Part of Life is a fun lesson in encouraging those around us.  I am sure we all had a grandpa or uncle or dad that would tell the very tall tale that had just enough truth to it that we had to believe it even if we wondered about the rest and that gave us the will to try something new.

Thank You Vietnam Veterans was a very difficult story to approach because I knew it meant a lot to me to get it right.  I read several books recommended to me and tried very hard to hear what those who were there were saying and feeling.  I knew I would never be able to fully understand what had been experienced by those involved with the war and that I could not relate it to anything I had experienced myself.  I almost didn’t publish this. My friend who recommended I write the story (himself a Vietnam Vet) insisted it was good and should be heard.  The part of me that is in that story is the respect I have for those who fought to uphold the freedom and values our country stands for and those who still fight today.

The History of the Dead Mule School Part 1 was the first story I ever had published online. I found a website called the Dead Mule School which collected stories and poems about the South and I decided that there should actually have been a brick and mortar school with that name.  I really should go back and write part 2 someday!  My time spent growing up in the South was invaluable for the descriptions and feelings I wanted to portray in that story.

Those Before was another story that a friend recommended the storyline for.  I love having a challenge to write something based on an inspiration and this one just flowed.  I have spent time in the Southwest as well and that helped with the descriptions found in that story.

Wordplay was a new form of writing for me.  You could call it free verse, rap, whatever, but it was exciting to see it develop.  It also gave me a way to share the Mom experience I have had.  It’s hard finding that line between encourager and enforcer when raising kids sometimes.  This could also apply to any interaction with someone else – think about how you are being heard so that you know your message is being effective.  Put yourself in the other persons shoes, because at one time you have been or will be there.

That brings me back to what started all this – I found myself writing about caregiving from the perspective of the person being cared for.  Take some time this holiday season to really think about the people in your life and put yourself in their shoes for a bit.  It really is an eye opening experience.

But… <wicked grin> if you want to put yourself in MY shoes this holiday season, you will have to really stretch yourself.  Yesterday I received a privacy shelter that I ordered for use on some new property I bought.  I can keep a porta potti in it.  Once it arrived I had to set it up and then I busted out laughing.  I just had to take a picture and tell my family that I am going to decorate this instead of a Christmas tree this year.  I then wrote several stanzas of a song that ends “Christmas Tent, O Christmas Tent, my kids think my mind is warped and bent!”  See!  I told you all was well in Linda Land – I’m just as crazy as ever!!!

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I spent many years taking care of an ailing family member.  It was tough, it was rewarding, it was exhausting, it was lonely, and it forever changed my view on life.  I wrote poetry to help with the emotions, some angry, some thoughtful, some encouraging, but always from my perspective.  Today I would like to share this offering, Stolen Tommorows, as I put myself in the shoes of the person who is being cared for.

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Through the eyes of a child…

I love being a Mom.  I loved watching my kids as they grew up discover new things and try to figure out just how this big old world works.  What if they saw something that we couldn’t anymore?  Explore the world of childhood wonder in “Little Bug”.

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Does time wrap around itself?

Those Before came about when my favorite muse once challenged me thusly:

“In the SW, the Indians have a structure called a Kiva.  Legend has it that this is where the Indians came through from the other world.  Some studies have been done on some of the more famous ones and guess what??  The “aura” around them is different than other structures.

Louis L ‘Amour wrote a book called Haunted Mesa about the Kiva’s that is well written.(It is a western)  How about this:  You are camping out on the desert near a major Kiva and wake up in a different world.  If you have ever spent time “alone” in the desert, you know you are not!!  The “Old Ones” are still with us. All they ask is remembrance and respect for their ways.  Try this on for size!!!!!”

Enjoy Those Before and ask yourself if time does indeed wrap around!

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